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Beading progressCollapse )

Added some support to the base. I imagine I will have to add more support before the top is done.

Bought skirt supplies yesterday. To be continued...
I finally FTPed : Aleera Cosplay

For Young Rydia:
I need to go buy more black beads. Michael's craft store better not be out of stock again. Otherwise I will end up using my coupons buying future colors instead of what I need right now for this costume.
P is for ProgressCollapse )
Rydia Top ProgressCollapse )
Just started on Rydia's young Amano last Friday. (If you ignore the fact I sewed the cape like 4 years ago.) Beading the seed beads is taking forever. But I have finished the stars!


After class lets out today; I can start on my placing dozens of individual gold sequins.
Changed Layout for cosplay site:

Update for http://aleeracosplay.com coming tomorrow or Monday.

Bought pink seed beads, felt, and gold sequins for costume.
Will post progress in a FO post.
Clickable thumbnails under cutCollapse )