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Fighting bioterrorism with style

BSAA Jill Valentine

19 November 1985
My name is Maryann. I almost 25 years old and currently residing near Boca Raton, FL. My journal is about costume making and displaying my finished costumes.

I will occassionally post any time I add a new costume entry on my cosplay websites. DOA Vixen and Aleera Cosplay This does not happen too often.

I am more focused on details and costume construction, lining garments, beading details, styling wigs this year. I am getting an early start months before the next convention and what a difference time makes. I am working on finishing costumes that have been neglected before I take on starting from scratch completely another costume. Fabric choice is an important part of costuming. Lining is so important.

I intend to venture towards fairy wings, succubus wings, then armor and chainmail over the next year or two. I also hope to return to making dresses because they are elegant and a different type of challenge. Silks and satins are challenging in their own ways.

Other Hobbies:
I haven't touched anything non-sewing or school related in months but writing is a passion of mine. I am also working on a manuscript in the militaristic sci-fi genre, so I hope to finish this and get it sent to my agent eventually.

I also have a large video game collection (70+ games), I will post if I am having a sale. Help pay off my debts.

Feel free to friend me and if you share my hobbies, let me know who you are, and what we have in common. My only policy is that you don’t betray me. I love meeting individuals who share my hobbies and next year I hope to visit Atlanta again to see conventions outside of my state. I strive to maintain connections and forge new friendships.

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